Starting [The Bookshop]

April of 2017, I visited my grandparents who were recently baptized into the Catholic church. Although I was genuinely happy for them, talking about religion made me frustrated — and I realized this was a condition I’ve been having for some time. It was certainly not out of any political viewpoint per se, as in my potentially differing opinions on what certain religions might hold as their beliefs (e.g. stance on abortion, LGBTQ rights, etc). Instead, I realized it was because I longed for such a community of my own, just not as an established institution with set doctrines and commitment. I wanted a community of goodwill, where people would gather, let down their walls, and together strive to understand what they truly want out of this world. So I created The Bookshop, where we will study a plumage of religious and philosophical ideas; essentially, we are shopping for different books. Through The Bookshop, some will discover their affinity to a certain religion and leave to explore more of that faith, and others will stay on to cultivate their minds and learn what it means to be fully human. Both outcomes, I believe, are favorable. With enough people, I hope to visit local religious institutions, and invite figures of those faith to come and talk about what it means to be part of their religion. Welcome to The Bookshop!