FQ17 Buddhism Week 7

This week, we will look inwards into our selves and understand sources of isolation. We will look at two texts: 1. The Heart Sutra and its notion on fundamental emptiness 2. Bhaddekaratta Sutta on knowing the better way to live alone

The Heart Sutra: heart sutra

Bhaddekaratta Sutta: https://www.accesstoinsight.org/tipitaka/mn/mn.131.than.html

We will also look at one zen koan, “Manjusri outside the gate”

Manjusri outside the gate: https://tricycle.org/magazine/entering-lotus-0/

“Manjushri Enters the Gate,” the first case from the classic collection The Iron Flute. In Buddhist mythology, the bodhisattva Manjushri is the embodiment of wisdom, and a statue of him sits atop the main altar in Zen Buddhist meditation halls. In the koan, the Buddha calls to Manjushri, who is standing outside the temple gate, “Manjushri, Manjushri, why don’t you enter?” Manjushri answers, “I don’t see a thing outside the gate. Why should I enter?”

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